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Other Things That Float

Although this website is dedicated to sea-beans,
other "things that float and wash ashore" are often of interest to sea-beaners.

The following links provide information on "Things That Float" other than sea-beans.

  • Charcoal
  • Plastic Duckies
  • Schrunchie Beads or "Sea Beads"   ...beads with offset holes
  • Light Sticks or Glow Sticks; aka "Swordfish Tears"
  • Trash

  • Coming someday:
  • Lobster pot tags
  • Biologic
  • Pumice - rock that floats!
  • Thorns and Prickles
  • Spirula spirula
  • Paper Nautilus, Argonauta argo

  • Coming someday:
  • Fish bladders
  • Skate egg cases ("Mermaid's Purses")

  • Links

  • Mermaid's Purses - by British Marine Life Study Society
  • Skate Egg Connections - by Izumi Hanno (2003), The Drifting Seed Newsletter 9(3):3-4.

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