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Black Hamburger Bean
Mucuna holtonii (Kuntze) Moldenke, 1933

Common name, in Costa Rica: Canasta Seed

More AWESOME photos of Mucuna holtonii - by Suzanne L. Noel, in Costa Rica

Mature (and non-drifted) seeds of Mucuna holtonii.
Note the dark color and dimpled surface.
Photos: © Suzanne L. Noel

Inflorescence of Mucuna holtonii
Photo: © Suzanne L. Noel

Hanging flower clusters (each cluster is an "inflorescence") of Mucuna holtonii growing in Costa Rica.
Note also: mature pods hanging in the background.
Photo: © Suzanne L. Noel

Mature pods of Mucuna holtonii growing in Costa Rica.
Note the flower clusters present at the same time as the mature pods!
Photo: © Suzanne L. Noel

Photo: © Suzanne L. Noel

An immature 5-seeded pod of Mucuna holtonii, showing the white and incompletely formed seeds.
Note the gloves! The pods are quite "hairy", which are very irritating!
Photo: Suzanne L. Noel

Unopened Mucuna holtonii pod, about 8.5 inches long.

Opened, 5-seeded pod of Mucuna holtonii.
Pod kindly provided by Suzanne L. Noel; Photos: © Paul Mikkelsen

Mucuna holtonii on Rt 3, Costa Rica; June 2018
Above 6 Photos: ©Suzanne L. Noel

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