RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. It is a process used to provide up-to-date pieces of information about a topic/website. A small amount of text is provided (via your "RSS Reader") about the topic as well as links to more comprehensive text on the topic (e.g., a web page), should you desire more information.

You can set your "RSS Reader" to collect RSS Feeds as frequently as you like. By default, your RSS Reader will probably search once a day for new RSS feeds that you have subscribed to; you can probably set this to search as often as every 15 minutes or as infrequently as weekly!

To subscribe to receive the RSS feeds for this Seabean website, click on the RSS icon RSS feed for Seabean.com here or on the seabean.com home page.

  • If you have not subscribed, you will be shown the latest RSS Feeds and be given an opportunity to

  • "Subscribe to this feed".
  • If you have subscribed already, and click on the RSS icon, you will only be shown the RSS Feeds.

  • If you have subscribed already, you should access your RSS feeds via your RSS Reader. If accessed in this way, you'll only see the RSS Feeds (and only as many as you want) because the RSS Reader knows that you have already subscribed! Thus, in this case, no opportunity to subscribe would be offered.

    Why subscribe? You can always see the RSS feeds, whether you have subscribed or not. The subscription causes your web browser to search for new RSS Feeds, automatically and as often as you'd like, and make them available to you without visiting the Seabean website... simply open your RSS Reader (or "Feed Aggregator"). The RSS Reader can be set to retain only as many as Feeds you'd like to see, eliminating overload or minimizing redundancy. It can also be set to play a sound when new info arrives!

    In short, subscribing to the RSS Feeds for seabean.com will help keep you up to date with what's happening in the seabean world! The RSS posts may differ from discourse on SEABEAN-L listserve, or the new updates to the seabean.com website, etc., or keep you posted on what's happening on these fronts and more!

    Have a question or have info to share via RSS? Contact me via the email account provided for RSS Feeds.

    Want to UNsubscribe? If you change your mind, you can always (and easily) UNsubscribe by removing "www.seabean.com - RSS Feeds" from your RSS Reader.

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