Mucuna monticola Zamora, Moura & Azevedo, 2012

Mucuna monticola, was described as a new species by Zamora, Moura & Azevedo in 2012,
in the journal: Phytotaxa 60:1-8. The article contains color photos of the flowers, pods, and leaves.

More AWESOME photos of Mucuna monticola - by Suzanne L. Noel, in Costa Rica

Seeds of Mucuna monticola. Photo: © Suzanne Noel

Left: Developing buds. Center and Right: Developing inflorescence.
Above 3 Photos: © Suzanne Noel

Left: Developing inflorescence. Center: Inflorescence with mature flowers. Right: Long peduncles!
Above 3 Photos: © Suzanne Noel

Left: Inflorescence (flower cluster) of Mucuna monticola; note the long golden hairs of the calyx.
Right: Opened flower of Mucuna monticola showing the pistil and the diadelphous nature (9+1) of the stamens.
Above 2 Photos: © Suzanne Noel

Left: Developing pod. Center: Nearly mature pod. Right: Mature pods on long peduncle.
Above 3 Photos: © Marco Acuno

Mature pod of Mucuna monticola. Photo: © Marco Acuno

Pods (fruit) of Mucuna monticola. Above 2 Photos: © Suzanne Noel

The flowers of several species of Mucuna are pollinated by bats!
The bats may be feeding on the nectar of the flowers or perhaps eating insects that frequent the flowers.


The two above images of Mucuna monticola and Underwood's Long-Tailed Bat (Hylonycteris underwood)
were kindly provided and used (embedded) by permission of Getty Images.
Left: Getty Image No. 73805863; Right: Getty Image No. 73806455; Photo credit, both images: Michael & Patricia Fogden.


Mucuna monticola is one of several species of Mucuna which occur in Costa Rica.
Of those, Mucuna monticola and Mucuna killipiana and Mucuna mutisiana
have been noted to be "superficially similar". (See: Moura et al, 2012)

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