Mucuna sp. #003
Amazon region of Peru and Cuenca, Ecuador

Included in one acquisition of seeds from the Amazon region of Peru were 3 species of Mucuna.

Species Hispanic Name English Name
Mucuna elliptica Ojo de Vaca Eye of the Cow
Mucuna sp. 001 Ojo de Buey Eye of the Ox
Mucuna sp. 003 Ojo de Venado Eye of the Deer

I have hundreds of specimens from the Amazon region of Peru.
I also have a few specimens purchased from a roadside vendor in Cuenca, Ecuador.

The seeds of Mucuna sp. #003 are diminutive, for Mucuna spp., both in diameter and thickness, and have a commensurately narrow hilum.
Sizes (width X thickness) range between approximately 18 X 11 mm to 23 X 14 mm.

10 seeds were planted May 24, 2014 and produced 3 sprouts.   The following photos were taken June 25, 2014.
If the plants don't experience a "set back" (or worse) in a Florida winter, it can take about 2-3 years to get flowers! Stay tuned!
Note:   Photos below are "clickable" to view a higher resolution image.

Left: Mainstem with multiple leaves;    Center: Leaf, showing unpaired leaflet in different plane;    Right: Underside of leaflets

Left: Detail of mainstem leaves;    Right: Detail of young leaves...   note the multitude of hairs!

Left: Detail of mainstem leaves, showing multiple growth planes and (oddly) dimorphic paired leaflets;    Right: Closeup of growing tip of stem.

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