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Red Mangroves and Nan Rhodes ----- Thursday, October 12, 2009
Florida Today "Erosion-Fighting Mangroves Take Root" by Jim Waymer; 10/12/2009
Copyright 2009 Florida Today

This article emphasizes the importance of Red Mangroves to ecosystems,
with a focus on their drifting propagules and one of our own "Drifters", Nan Rhodes of www.Beachbeans.com

Steve Gibbs ----- Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Sea Bean Search By Steve Gibbs; 3/19/2008

Beaners Know Their Beans By Steve Gibbs; 3/19/2008

Stories about sea-beaning in the Florida Keys

Cathy Yow ----- Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Houston Chronicle Jamaica Beach woman scours beaches for interesting and educational items
By Kellye Neuweiler; 8/28/2003
Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle

Knowing Beans about the Beach
This article appeared on pages 23-25 in North Carolina Sea Grant's
"High Season" issue of Coastwatch magazine, July 2003

by Julie Powers;  photographs by Ed Perry
Provided here as a 2.7 MB file in Adobe® pdf format.

This article is copyrighted by Julie Powers, 2003; All Rights Reserved.
This article made available with permission of Coastwatch,   N.C. Sea Grant,  and  Julie Powers
N.C. Sea Grant

Sea-Bean Symposium, October 2002
Cathies Bean, Canavalia nitida Oct. 16th, 2002: news article, "Sea Bean Symposium honors its late founder",
by Billy Cox, Florida Today

July 25th, 2002: news article, "Beachcombers Serious About Their Sea Beans",
by Tiana Larson; Defuniak Springs Herald-Breeze, pages 1C and 14C.

David Herndon mentioned the symposium in an article on bechcombing which appeared in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living.

There was also mention of the symposium in the July issue of "Coastal Living" magazine.

Cathie Katz.... "In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark" !!!

"In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark" is a feature section in Sierra Club's webpages. Emphasizing the need of explorers to keep a daily journal, Cathie's daily journal of information about nature emulates the approach of explorers and those who wonder, wander, document, learn, and pass on information to others.

The Sierra Club pages are updated daily!
Once there, click on "On This Date" to view a daily excerpt from
Cathie's book, "Nature a Day At a Time"
which was published by Sierra Club Books.

Return there often, to keep alive both your quest for knowledge
as well as the memory and legacy of Cathie Katz.

Sierra Club

Heroes in the Seaweed

Vero Beach Magazine
"Treasure Coast" takes on a new meaning as beachcombers sift
through the seaweed on Vero Beach's shore.

A story about beachcombing adventures of Ed Perry
and Joanne Findley's nephew, Alden.

by Joanne Findley;  photographs by Ed Perry
Vero Beach Magazine, January 2002; pg. 124-134.

Cathie Katz:   May 14, 1948 to Nov. 22, 2001
Sea Bean Lady Finishes Journey
"Florida Today" coverage on Wednesday, Nov. 28th, 2001

Memorial service honors 'sea bean lady' Cathie Katz
"Florida Today" coverage on Thursday, Nov. 29th, 2001
Cathie Katz

Wednesday, July 25, 2001
Cathie on beach Beachcombers Turn Trash Into Treasure (lead-in story)
NNS - NewHouse News Service
Beachcombers Turn Trash Into Treasure (full story)
NNS - NewHouse News Service
Cathie's beach-box

Sea-Bean Symposium, October 1999
Cathy Yow, Cathie Katz, Cecelia Abbott and Ed Perry Collecting Sea Beans a Unique Hobby
"Florida Today" coverage on October 17, 1999

Sea Beans Point of Symposium
"Florida Today" coverage on October 25, 1999
Cathie Katz (left), Cathy Yow (right)

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